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Our enrollment process...

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Upon touring the center, you will be encouraged to ask questions about our philosophy, methods, teachers, environment and curriculum before deciding to enroll your child. The office staff will give you a parent handbook outlining our educational programs once you have decided to enroll your child and have paid the enrollment fee of $45.00 for private pay clients and $25.00 for publicly funded clients. At this point you will begin the registration process.

Prior to attending the center, you must complete the following forms:

  1. Application for child care
  2. Health Record including an up to date shot record
  3. Medical Form (within 30 days of enrollment)also known as a physical form
  4. Tuition Agreement
  5. Parent Agreement
  6. Child and Adult Care Food Program Information Forms
  7. Child Information Questionnaire
  1. Infant Food Authorization (if appropriate)
  2. Emergency Information sheet

Small Wonders Learning Center must have on file for each child enrolled parent permission to transport by emergency vehicle to the local hospital. If you do not give the center permission to transport, we cannot enroll your child. Current emergency numbers for reaching you and other authorized emergency contacts must also be on file and kept current at all times.

Your child is officially enrolled at Small Wonders Learning Center when all forms are completed and signed to the administrator’s satisfaction. You must communicate any changes in this information promptly with your administrator. Your child’s enrollment may be terminated without notice if these forms are not completed or in the event that you do not update the required forms when changes occur OR annually.

All special health concerns must be given in writing or expressed verbally to the administrator or office staff. This would include illness, allergies, or medical disability so that we can give your child the best care and keep him/her safe and healthy. If such notations are made on the Health Record, a child care plan must be completed and updated annually.

Once enrolled, you may set the date of your child’s first day. Upon receiving this information the teachers will prepare for his/her arrival including letting class mates know of the pending new friend, creating personal cubby and coat hook space, and reviewing your child and family information sheet. On that first day, your child will be introduced to teachers, friends and routines. Any issues or concerns will be expressed to you by your child’s teacher or office staff so that we may work as a team to ensure your child’s needs are met.

In order to keep the buildings and programs in operation, we must receive your tuition payment in advance of services. You will be required to sign a tuition agreement and this agreement will be updated as needed. All checks are payable to Small Wonders Learning Center. This tuition amount does not change with absences and holiday closings. Parents with more than one child enrolling are given our Multi-Child Discount.

Any accounts that are delinquent run the risk of late fees, suspension or immediate expulsion without notice. If you participate in subsidized childcare through your county’s JFS, you will be required to follow Job and Family Services rules and regulations (including but not limited to signing your child in and out daily using the POS machine). Public Funding Family fees are due weekly and these fees are subject to weekly late fees if not paid promptly.

Once your child has attended the center for six months; your tuition account reflects no late fees and your account is current at the time of the request, you will be eligible for a vacation credit annually. All vacation credits must be used within one calendar year and credits do not transfer to the next calendar year.

If a child needs to be withdrawn from the center, two weeks written notice is required. This time period give your child ample time to prepare for leaving our centers as well as give staff and other class mates time to say goodbye. Often teachers choose to have a sending off party for children leaving our care. If two-week notice is not given, you may be charged for those two weeks. If you no longer attend and your account still shows a balance, attempts will be made by the office staff to resolve the debt with you. A notice will be sent respectfully requesting your prompt attention. Any applicable late charges will be shown. Any collection fees (collection agency, attorney fees, court fees, etc.) will be added to your account balance at that time. If your bill is not paid by the deadline given in your notice, legal action will be taken.