Small Wonders Learning Centers


Mission Statement

We strive to be an extension of your family: We feel blessed that you have chosen our center and our staff to share your child’s life. Not only do we hope to help your child learn but we hope to develop a “family” atmosphere with you. We hope to build relationships and memories that last a life time!

We strive to create an environment that fosters learning and growth: It is our responsibility to enhance the learning process through new experiences and stimulating activities and a dedication to each child’s developmental path. Children will be exposed to a well-rounded curriculum. In addition to the toys and activities in the learning environment, our teachers create lesson plans that include: language arts, math, science, social studies, daily life skills, music, art, social skills, and motor skills.

We strive to update you on your child’s developmental progress: Developmental checklists will be completed on every child in the areas of cognitive development, motor development, social development and emotional development. Your child’s teacher will update the assessment on a regular basis. These assessments are available to parents at all times and can be reviewed with you at your request and are used to plan your child’s individualized education plan.

We strive to provide an individualized education: Our goal is to create a learning environment that allows your child to experience success through learning in his/her own way. Children will be encouraged to participate in ‘scheduled activities’ as well as be invited into smaller group activities or one-on-one attention for more individualized attention.

We strive for positive parent relationships: Our administrators welcome comments and concerns from parents to make our services better for you and your child. We often rely on parents to be our eyes and ears! Please feel free to bring any concerns to the attention of the office staff. Every attempt will be made to resolve issues and improve on the services we offer. If we can improve on our services, please let us know your suggestion and we will look into putting it into action!

We strive to create a safe and loving atmosphere: Our most important goal is to keep your child safe and make them feel love and cared for while in our centers. We strive to hire and train staff who will not only follow all regulations under Ohio Department of Jobs and Family – Child Care but will also actively participate in Step Up to Quality through ODJFS. Our staff will strive to help your child develop a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence.

Vision  for who we want to be...

To excel in all ODJFS inspections:  We strive to follow all regulations in such a way that whenever our state licensing representative comes in, she is pleased with our centers!  You may view our licensing reports on and search for Small Wonders Learning Centers.    

To become a three star center:  We participate in the Step Up to Quality program through ODJFS.  We are presently a ONE STAR at each of our three locations.  We will continue to work to improve staff qualifications, program administration, and our curriculum until we have achieved the highest ranking level with Step Up to Quality, THREE STARS.  You may find more information on the Step Up to Quality program at